Thin Bands

Thin Bands are produced by creation of a mold that resembles the shape of the wristband. The mold has inclusions in it that represent the text or images that will be raised above the wristband surface. The mold is created from artwork generated by staff members here at, from your design ideas and requests. We have thousands of images and hundreds of font styles at our disposal to help you with creation of your original custom silicone bracelet design. The artwork that you approve will be used to create your mold. Once the mold is created, molten silicone in the color of your choice, whether a single color, segmented colors, swirled color combinations or “glow in the dark” color is poured into the mold and allowed to cure. Once cured, the wristband is removed from the mold and packaged for delivery.

Samples: We can send samples. Here is our sample policy: Please provide us with your UPS or FedEx account number. We will ship samples via Overnight Delivery using your account information. Samples are randomly selected and may not be of the color or type that you have requested.

Quantity Debossed/Embossed
1 Color Silk Screened
Debossed Printed
500 $0.66 $0.68 $0.78
1,000 $0.40 $0.41 $0.53
2,000 $0.33 $0.35 $0.48
3,000 $0.31 $0.33 $0.46
5,000 $0.30 $0.31 $0.44
10,000 $0.28 $0.30 $0.41
  11C 11C 11C

Custom Thin Band Options

Add more excitement to your custom wristband or awareness bracelets with some of these attractive and inexpensive wristband options.

Looking to place these on Kiosks using hangers and need custom printed backing cards for that professional look? Here at we can produce your custom backing cards to display your custom wristbands. Review our custom backing card pricing below and feel free to contact us with your backing card design ideas....we will create a backing card with "pop" that will help your bracelets sell!

Backing Cards 2 Color 3 Color 4 Color
ADD: $.10ea $.20ea $.25ea
$125 (G) Setup. 3C